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Transforming the modular world of oil and gas. Chemex Modular, a Texas-based company, is a worldwide supplier of modular refinery, gas processing, and plant measurement systems. We provide expertise and commitment to safety and quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Fast track modular processing plant in India

Expro successfully delivered a turnkey solution for Assam's first Modular Gas Processing Plant (MGPP)Expro's track record and experience ensured all equipment was successfully mobilised to site in just 10 months. This compares to a typical delivery of up to 36 months for a purchased Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for a ...

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Typically, modular plants are designed and built by Gekko for a given mine operation with specific requirements. Gekko's innovative core technologies and in-house process design expertise will produce an agile, effective modular plant. Contact a Gekko engineer today.

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Modular process design and fabrication is a very specific approach to building process systems and plants. Most often it involves designing the systems into portable skids. These skids are self-contained units that can be stacked or rearranged in different formations to add to or form entire plants.

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Plant Process is a group of privately held firms specializing in combining experienced engineering, innovation, and vertical integration to provide modular solutions to complex and challenging projects.

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This facilitates shorter project timelines yielding improved business case outcomes. By using modular construction, a client can also relocate a Chemex gas plant as situations dictate. A natural gas processing plant is required for most gas streams that are produced from a …

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Manufacturing plants based on modular equipment are emerging as a viable and beneficial alternative to conventional stick-built processing plants. Modular equipment offers several benefits, including flexibility in plant siting, fewer safety concerns during construction, and ease of equipment modification.

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With growing demand, the industry needs innovative solutions to efficiently process gas reserves and capture valuable natural gas liquids. As a global leader in gas processing technologies, UOP has helped our customers meet the demand for natural gas for more than 60 years.

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These modular designs vary with different operating techniques, feed characteristics and plant flow rates. The modules are integrated to form complete operating units in chemical plants, gas processing plants and refineries. On small scale projects, single stand-alone modules can be the total operating unit.

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Mar 18, 2014· Complete fruit processing system - preassembled, prewired, pre-plumbed, pre-commissioned on special modular platform. With hinged galvan...

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Resources Modular Gold Plants (MGP) are complete turnkey modular gold plants designed for the 500 to 2000 ton per day producer. Permitting requirements and land disturbance are minimized as a result of the inherent environmentally friendly processing technology and compact footprint of the Modular Gold Plants.

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engineered modular gas processing plant, which enabled the customer to complete construction and expand capacity in less time than with a stick-built design. Results: The project was completed on time and within budget due to the fast and reliable modular, pre-engineered gas processing plant. The UOP modular plant allowed for

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Modular Wash Plants, such as the McLanahan UltraWASH, are assembled from containerized washing modules and produce up to five products, including three clean aggregate and two washed sand fractions. Additional modules can be added as needed to create a complete wet processing plant that is flexible enough to meet any production need.

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Modular systems are complete process units, pre-fabricated in a module fabrication shop remote from the customer's plant site. Modular systems are typically built indoors in a controlled, assembly-line fashion with all of the added efficiencies afforded by that practice/procedure.

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The industry's most comprehensive portfolio . UOP's single-source capability and expertise in modular plant construction is often ideally suited for onshore unconventional and remote or smaller scale conventional gas processing applications.

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In the last ten years, the owners of Veritas Gas Processing, Inc. has been involved in the engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, and installation of over 30 projects, with cryogenic plants …

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Utilizing our experienced team of engineering professionals, Sepro Mineral Systems designs and builds modular systems, mobile and containerized mineral processing plants for a wide range of minerals.We create solutions using an array of processing techniques that …

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A natural gas processing plant is required for most gas streams that are produced from a gas well or an associated oil well. Natural gas in its raw form can contain water, NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), CO2 and H2S. The natural gas from well heads usually requires processing to …

Modular Biodiesel Processing Plants for Emerging Markets

The name of the game is to co-locate your biodiesel plant next to your feedstock with the help of modular biodiesel processing plants. Manufacturers of containerized modular biodiesel production …

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The modular plants can work independently as stand-alone crushing or screening stations or be packaged by us into "single source" processing plant solutions. An array of modular plant designs and configurations are available to address specific requirements.

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"Cogent Midstream selected the UOP Russell plant because it is a proven and reliable technology, and because the modular design vastly reduces the time before the plant can go into production," said Neil Eckersley, UOP Russell general manager at Honeywell. "With the addition of this new plant, Cogent's processing capacity at its Big Lake Plant ...

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The process. In 2015, following a process of co-creation with Metroplex to further meet its production requirements, CDE designed, manufactured and delivered a complete five-machine wet processing solution, comprising the M4500 modular wash plant, the AggMax portable logwasher, the Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU), an EvoWash fines recovery unit and an AquaCycle thickener.

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A modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants.

Modularization: The key to success in today's market

As is often the case, many of the decisions regarding modular fabrication will be a tradeoff between schedule and cost. Considering that the modules are a key driver in the overall project, the authors' perspective is that less interference with the module fabricator's work will make for a better project.

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Modular Construction for the Chemical Processing Industry What Can We Help You With? For over 25 years Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC. has successfully designed and constructed mass transfer systems for the worldwide Chemical Processing Industry.

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Propak is Energy Processing Gas Processing Heavy Oil Processing Compression and Power Standard Equipment Engineering Modular Fabrication Construction Services Energy Services Propak provides comprehensive solutions to help our clients meet their project execution strategy by designing and building energy processing facilities and equipment.

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Mark Gaalswyk envisions a future in which groups of U.S. farmers or cooperatives could add value to their operations by producing fuels or additives using small, modular processing plants. These miniproduction plants could, literally, be located on the farm. About the size of a semitrailer ...